Providing coaching services to a company’s C-suite can cultivate new perspectives, improve conflict resolution skills, and even helps shape the tone of an organization. However, one group that is often overlooked are the HR leaders. HR touches every aspect of your business. They work to attract and retain top talent for your company, counsel employees and managers through challenges, and help shape your company’s policies and even public image. So, why in the world would we ever want to skip over this group when it comes to continued professional development?

Offering coaching services to your HR leaders has many gains – both from an individual and organizational perspective. Consider the following benefits coaching can bring to HR:

Coaching is an Experience

HR leaders are often asked to provide guidance to leaders, managers, and those high performers we so desperately want to keep. However, all too often HR leaders themselves have never received any formal coaching. How can they possibly offer the perspective and experience needed to develop others when no one has invested in them? Coaching is an experience – one that can be lifechanging and last well beyond the years in the office. For your HR professionals to champion those efforts within your organization, they must experience it first-hand.

HR’s Unique View

HR is the one department that has a big picture view of how a company’s various departments impact one another. As mentioned above, HR serves as a counselor, mentor and guide – working through a myriad of challenging issues, leadership pitfalls and offering career advice – an informal (and often impromptu) coaching resource for employees. With HR’s unique view into the organization coupled with being the recipient of coaching services themselves, HR professionals are positioned even better to advise employees and managers on how to navigate the complex web of your organization.

The best athletes in the world have a coach, right? So why in the world wouldn’t you avail your HR leaders to coaching in order to be their best? As you look to refine your leadership development efforts, make sure you include your HR leaders (and not necessarily just the ones at the top of the chain) in the mix. The knowledge-share from this group into the rest of the ranks will reap rewards for years to come.

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