Your list of top recruiting trends in 2019 has arrived!

As we draw close to the end of a challenging, difficult year on a global scale, CEOs and executive leaders are realizing the importance of building a strong team and a resilient organization. In order to cultivate a resilient team that can withstand professional challenges, the responsibility for finding, onboarding, and sustaining a best-in-class team of individuals often falls on HR experts.

Both the clients of East Tenth Group and I are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive team of people standing by our side. However, it is no feat of luck that created this powerful team. Instead, it’s our focus on building a diverse, inclusive, and future-forward group who empower our clients and propel our business forward.

With the new year approaching quickly, it’s vital that HR leaders and C-Suite executives familiarize themselves with the top 2019 recruiting trends that can transform teams and recruit professionals who can seamlessly integrate with your organizational mission and values.

The Top Recruiting Trends of 2019

1. Investing in AI Recruitment Technology

With 52% of acquisition leaders reporting that identifying ideal candidates is the most difficult aspect of recruitment, AI recruitment software such as SmartRecruiters and TopFunnel can save recruitment leaders time while they review the applicant pool with ease.

AI recruitment software is developed with the goal of screening applicants in seconds, sharing only the most qualified prospects to help simplify the search for prospects who will best compliment your organization.

2. Varying Working Environments and Schedules

Looking for the top recruiting trends in 2019 that will increase employee retention and recruiting success? Consider providing a flexible work environment and schedule as a part of your recruitment strategy.

Offering both future and current employees with a level of autonomy over their schedule and chosen working environments can help empower your employees, and even create more productive teams.

Surprisingly, survey results from the Society of Human Resource Managers demonstrate that 89% of companies who merely offer flexible work options report having better retention rates. This offer of a flexible schedule gives people a sense of freedom and the ability to balance their professional and personal lifestyles. Some companies already taking advantage of this 2019 recruiting trend include Netflix and FlexJobs.

In recent years, both the quality and quantity of collaboration software and platforms have increased, making it easier than ever to work collaboratively with your team, no matter where you are in the world. Platforms like Trello, Google’s G Suite, and Monday enable both leaders and their team members to track projects, make suggestions, and communicate with ease.

3. Practicing Behavioral Recruitment Processes

As an HR leader, it’s easy to continue using the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding practices that have been used for years. Although the review of both paper and online cover letters and resumes are still important facets of a well-rounded hiring strategy, future-forward organizations are beginning to practice a tactic known as behavioral interviewing.

Typically, an interview between an HR leader and potential hire runs along a sometimes scripted, competency-based review of previous work experience.

However, by taking time to consider an individual’s potential for growth and learning rather than solely at their experience allows leaders to bring in a broader range of capabilities and talent into the interview room, where you can discuss the ideal qualities that will level-up your team.

This recruitment tactic of finding high-potential professionals doesn’t stop after the interview. For real organizational impact, make sure that your focus during the onboarding practice spans farther than simply introducing your company and policies to new hires.

Instead, provide meaningful training that solidifies the qualities and skills that add to your team.

For leaders, this process means practicing the skills needed to be an actionable leader, including being high-touch throughout the onboarding process and communicating expectations clearly.

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4. Building a Powerful Company Brand

Your company’s recruitment process begins long before you develop a job description or advertisement. In today’s digital-driven realm, potential applicants have more power than ever in learning both the positive and negative aspects of your company’s work culture.

Websites like Glassdoor provide transparency into the inner workings of your business, sharing first-hand reviews of the type of working environment you’ve designed.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on cultivating a powerful brand, and why this tactic is critical when assessing which of these 2019 recruiting trends to implement in your organization. Social media marketing is a vital aspect of presenting a positive brand in today’s digital world. Your posts portray an image of your brand that is accessible any time of day, to anyone in the world.

To use social media platforms as a powerful recruitment tool, consider sharing the unique aspects of a healthy work culture you offer your employees. Whether it’s a focus on mental wellbeing or your dedication to providing a work/life balance, make your mark as an innovative business online.

5. Utilizing Mobile Recruitment Capabilities

In 2016, we published a post titled The Future of Recruiting is Mobile. Of course, we have lived through the “future of recruiting” since 2016, and experienced recruitment trends that have surpassed our wildest expectations. However, the importance of targeting your recruitment process for mobile users hasn’t swayed.

Take a moment to consider how often you use your smartphone during the workday. From checking your emails while you’re on the go, to browsing impactful blog posts from your favorite industry leaders, mobile use in a professional environment has gone through the roof in recent years.

So what does this mean for potential hires for your company? Of course, they’re likely browsing job ads on their mobile device, and in 2018, the popular search engine giant Google implemented practices that rank mobile-friendly websites higher on search engine result pages.

By making sure that your website and all job postings are mobile-friendly ensures that your content is reaching high-potential hires.

Modern leaders will continue to face challenges in finding and retaining best-in-class employees. However, by staying flexible in your hiring practices and implementing the top 2019 recruitment trends this year and beyond, it’s possible to develop a recruitment and HR strategy that delivers the ROI intelligent companies are looking for.

As you move into 2019, take time to reflect on your existing recruitment habits and design a plan that will enable your teams to thrive.


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