To attract top talent, forget about promoting the pay and benefits that your jobs offer and focus instead on showcasing your company culture. That is what will attract the right people for your business – and you won’t get the right people from traditional hiring practices. With competition for the best talent so high, organizations must move beyond the standard résumé-and-interview process to attract the people they need. In addition to social media recruiting, the newest innovations in recruitment are video and peer-to-peer recruiting.

Video as a Recruitment Strategy

Video provides organizations a unique opportunity to define their cultures in a way that allows them to better attract top talent, including candidates who may not even be searching for a job. Create successful recruiting videos by:

  • Developing a clear message
  • Personalizing the videos
  • Demonstrating personality

It’s essential to include existing team members who provide first-hand knowledge of the positive reasons for choosing the organization.

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Use Peer Recruiting to Focus on Passive Talent

The top talent you need for your organization are likely not even looking for a position, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come to work for you if you can sell them on why you’re the better fit. What every organization needs to understand is that truly talented candidates hold the controls and will have multiple offers to choose from at any given moment. And with these top players, it’s not about the money. Particularly for millennials – but also for baby boomers and Gen Z – it’s about so much more:

  • Mentors
  • Global mobility options
  • Workplace flexibility
  • The ability to do meaningful work
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • A customized career path

Bersin by Deloitte outlines some of the factors to consider when employing recruitment software:

  • Custom hiring and interview plans
  • Manage internal approval process
  • Job board/career page integration
  • Invite 3rd party firms to submit candidates
  • Post to social networks
  • Employees can add referrals
  • Robust candidate management from beginning to end
  • Set tasks for hiring managers, teams
  • Predictive analytics for best posting resources
  • LinkedIn Recruiter sourcing integration
  • Integrated interview scheduling with your mail/calendar systems
  • Pull candidate details from web profiles
  • Email and Slack sync – review resumes, give feedback and refer candidates from your email inbox/send notes straight to Slack
  • Automatic follow-up with hiring team for interview feedback
  • Detailed reporting features

One of the biggest concerns coming out of the PwC CEO Survey was the ability to attract and retain top talent. That concern continues to grow; top talent is more difficult than ever to compete for.

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Start by:

  • Creating videos that showcase your team, your culture, and your company
  • Enlisting top talent in recruiting their colleagues
  • Providing incentives for those who bring new talent to the table

Forward-thinking leaders must Take.Action.Now. on these innovative approaches to attract the best talent.

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