A strong Human Resources leader whose understanding of business and finance translates to solutions and recommendations that are realistic, impactful, achievable, and measurable. Michelle gets to the root of problems quickly, and shares her thoughts with great clarity. She connects well with people at all levels throughout an organization because she is genuine, honest, and approachable.

Emilie Schaum, HR Director

Professional, responsive, and dedicated are the words that describe our interactions with Michelle. She has the ability to motivate and lead teams with seamless execution. We always knew where we stood with Michelle. Her commitment, knowledge of a particular industry and focus on acquiring and developing top talent for an organization are the reasons for her success.

Lori Gettis, Recruiting Partner

Michelle is one of the most insightful, passionate and talented professionals in human resources today.  She unravels the most complex business issues; she provides the most thoughtful and spot-on recommendations.  She can transform an organization with her solutions. Any company or individual interested in obtaining the highest quality guidance should look no further than East Tenth Group.

Dan Levine, HR Executive

Michelle is grounded in the business of business – she understands the financial implications and works well to provide practical solutions. She was instrumental in assisting the management of the agency to reinvigorate the company by assessing the talent, helping to attract new and vital talent and also ensuring that HR was a driving force.  I would welcome an opportunity to work with her again. I highly recommend her.

Mary Maroun, former President, Y&R NY

Michelle is a seasoned HR Business Executive with a track-record of success built on her integrity and her ability to connect with and work well up and down in an organization.  She’s a “solution provider” and problem-solver. Michelle is accountable, dependable, customer-focused, and “good people”…someone you would want to be partnering with, especially on your most critical/sensitive HR challenges.

David Kaput, former SVP, HR, Primedia

Michelle is a creative HR/business consultant with strong intellectual capabilities and the utmost integrity. She is pragmatic, open minded and has a keen eye for talent. Her thinking is expansive and nimble and her communications skills are outstanding.  To me, she was an invaluable partner, conveying critical information that offered clarity on organizational issues and insights about the company culture.

Susan Sachs, SVP, Cook & Company

Through East Tenth Group, Michelle was able to quickly assess our situation and provide advice to me and the senior leadership team as we planned and proceeded with layoffs and other cost-cutting measures. Michelle was calm and compassionate and ensured that our primary objective of treating our staff with dignity throughout the process was preserved.

Lisa Besa, former COO, Human Rights First

Michelle is a savvy business-minded senior leader – she is also a trusted partner who fosters powerfully productive relationships.  We quickly built rapport, and with her leadership, deployed strategies that generated process efficiencies and re-positioned the HR group as true business partners.  We became a proactive group that contributes to the overall success of the business.

Spencer Rose, HR Director