Words cannot do justice to the contribution Michelle made to me, my management team, and our organization during a time of significant transition and evolution. The result of her guidance was tangible in everything from the positive shift in our culture to our bottom line. Michelle is professional, compassionate, and passionate about people.

Jennifer Brooks, Former President, The Scienomics Group

Throughout my professional career, I have been fortunate enough to receive executive coaching on a few occasions. My time with Michelle  was by far the most constructive and fruitful, and her coaching came at a critical point in my career when I was seeking real-world, pragmatic guidance to get to the next level of senior management at my organization. Michelle’s style of executive coaching is extremely productive and immediately applicable because she draws on one’s strengths and the reality of real-world office dynamics.

Michelle is great at quickly assessing any interpersonal components, office politics, and personality tendencies that play into one’s strengths and weaknesses as a professional leader. In short, she makes you more self aware and therefore a more skillful leader.

I personally found my discussions with Michelle not only immensely helpful on a professional level, but also quite therapeutic! She is objective and diplomatic, but still approachable and personal. I liked that balance very much and it worked well for me.

EVP, Managing Director, Client Services, Marketing & Communications Company

Michelle and I have worked closely on a number of coaching assignments. Each one has been different, but in every case we have seen real changes in the employee and those changes have led to business success and bottom line results. In one case, our senior leader was clearly humoring us – going along for coaching, but thinking it would probably be a waste of time. However, we could see that if the senior leader did not expand his skills, he would not be able to succeed in a new and important role so we were willing to push. After working with Michelle, our senior leader was completely on board. He was grateful to the company for the opportunity and he saw the impact of the changes he was making and the team around him noticed the improvements.

Michelle is very direct, very real. She listens and adjusts her plan to the person and the business – definitely not one size fits all. She has become a trusted partner for us.

Head of HR, Financial Services Firm

We engaged Michelle Tenzyk and East Tenth Group for an overall HR assessment of our growing, 70-person company. She was professional, organized, and discrete in her dealings with our employees. She provided great insights and recommendations in her thorough, well-written report. Her work was timely and cost-effective for the value provided.

Ellen Kiernan, Marketing Communications Manager, Axioma, Inc

East Tenth Group came highly recommended!  During a period of transition, East Tenth  gave  valuable recommendations, after a thorough assessment, to help our business move forward.  Michelle really understands how business works, and uses her strategic insight to best leverage talent and resources. Her recommendations and assistance in implementing change have helped to transform our company’s culture for the better.

Stephen Longley, CEO, TPG Direct, a division of Omnicom Group

With Michelle Tenzyk’s coaching, I was able to realize the difference between acting like a senior executive and “being” a senior executive. My goal in working with Michele was to understand how to better carry the weight of my title. However, I did not want to lose my strong ability to connect with co-workers on every level. Michelle was very good at pointing out small changes I could make in my physical actions as well as my mental state. The exercises she provided were very simple to incorporate into my daily life. They quickly became part of my who I was, and thus something I didn’t even have to think about.

The most significant change has been the realization and actualization of my role as a senior executive. Michelle Tenzyk literally helped me understand that the title, job and organization are inconsequential. I highly recommend Michelle Tenzyk to anyone interested in improving job performance, and state of mind.

VP, Advertising

Michelle was instrumental in helping me work through a career transition within my industry.   She lends a wealth of corporate human resources and executive coaching experience to an organized and thoughtful process that delivers results.  I appreciated the fact that Michelle didn’t prolong the process (as many tend to do) by entertaining every thought or idea that I had – she really honed in on the specifics of what I said my goals where and made sure we narrowed the focus to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.   I would highly recommend Michelle either for work with an organization in need of executive coaching or for individuals who are spinning their career wheels and need a little push.   Since our work together Michelle has followed up many times with me to check on how I was doing.  Michelle is a consummate professional and someone who I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to again if I needed.

VP, Wealth Management, Financial Services

As a mid- level career Director at a large Pharmaceutical company I felt I had the ability to advance into more strategic roles. Although I was identified as someone with that “potential” it was clear that there were some behaviors preventing me from advancing to those type of positions. After speaking with several executive coaches I retained Michelle. She quickly created an atmosphere of trust and partnership that enabled us to identify the  key behaviors that were preventing me from attaining my business and career goals. Just as quickly she helped me develop a set of tools that I could utilize immediately on the job. To my surprise I could use these tools to identify and adjust my behavior in real time  and furthermore the change in my interactions resulted in improved business outcomes and improved self-confidence. These early successes gave me the courage to continue my exploration and hard work. In addition,  these changes have been recognized and allowed me to be selected for more strategic roles within the organization. Michelle Tenzyk’s expertise, background and incredible insight has provided valuable tools that I will use for the rest of my life- both personally and professionally.

Medical Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

Prior to meeting Michelle through my organization, I felt overwhelmed with my job responsibilities and workload – spending many long hours at the office and no balance between my work and personal life. Well, after 3 months of coaching by Michelle, I am a new person – both at work and in my personal life. I am receiving encouraging feedback from colleagues. I am spending precious time with my family and friends, too.

Michelle guided me through a process that (at times) was emotionally overwhelming, but, the end result has been extremely rewarding. I feel renewed, reenergized, and am more productive at work – yes, I am spending less hours and yet I am more efficient. I have gained a better understanding of my Type A personality and have made changes to how I do things – I have become more flexible, I am finding better solutions (with others) to issues, I am open to new ideas, and have gained a better understanding of how to delegate responsibilities (rather than assuming I can do it all). Michelle is a remarkable coach – she is dedicated to her clients, a sincere individual, an expert in her field, and a person who encourages you throughout the process!

Director, HR, Insurance Company

Having Michelle come in was the best thing we could have done – she put some basic practices in motion that turned our HR department into a well-oiled machine. Michelle was an invaluable resource at a time when we needed senior level HR guidance. She expertly determines the areas of greatest need for improvement, and executes resolutions that best fit a company’s unique needs and priorities.

Ellie Mitchell, former SVP, GM, Javelin Marketing Group