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If Google Believes in People Analytics, Why Don’t You?

HR executives must evolve to maintain, if not improve, retention and performance – and ultimately to increase revenue. Enter people analytics.

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Authenticity, Brand, and Talent: The Connection

Workplace culture is an urgent issue; while it can be difficult to define and understand, it is a determining factor in performance levels, motivation, engagement, and retention.

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Quit Worrying about Millennials. Gen C Is Here

Gen C is the “connected” generation. Even more so than millennials, they are digital natives (or nearly), for whom technology is a constant part of their daily routine.

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Next-Generation Performance Management Tools

Next-generation performance management tools provide organizations with a more effective way to keep talented team members engaged and involved.

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Workplace Flexibility in Action: These Companies Are Getting It Right

You don’t have to provide unlimited time off or yearlong sabbaticals to take steps toward providing more workplace flexibility. Start small by taking steps to change your culture so team members who take advantage of flexibility options are on equal footing with those who are not.

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