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5 Ways Mindfulness Strengthens Your Ability to Lead Effectively

Mindfulness is a method for helping leaders become more aware and in control of their own behaviors, attitudes, and communication. These may seem like simple steps, but they are often overlooked and essential to your ability to lead well.

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Putting the Cherry on Top: Leadership, Business, and Talent Strategies Converge

How does your organization define leadership? Is that definition understood by all of your employees?  These simple questions drive leadership development, so much so, that nothing else is as critical for any organization seeking to strengthen leadership development and align

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Bold Leadership: Your Voice Matters

52 percent of CXOs believe there are not enough bold leaders in their companies. More than half of CXOs believe that bold leadership is not being emphasized during recruitment.

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Leadership 101: Accepting Defeat with Grace

The next time you’re faced with things that are not going your way – whether it’s a decision by the board, a challenged company policy, or a hiring decision you don’t agree with, let dignity and poise guide your response.

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Using Mindfulness to Strengthen Emotional Intelligence

highly emotionally intelligent leaders are more productive, motivate their teams more effectively, and make better decisions. Employ mindfulness in your everyday leadership, and you will no doubt raise your emotional intelligence.

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