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The Chicken or the Egg, Employee Retention or Customer Retention – Which Should Come First?

The endless cycle of hiring, training, and inevitably replacing team members must stop. Given the enormous expense and instability associated with replacing and training new members, the importance of engaging and retaining current people on the team is even more critical.

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Authenticity, Brand, and Talent: The Connection

Workplace culture is an urgent issue; while it can be difficult to define and understand, it is a determining factor in performance levels, motivation, engagement, and retention.

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The Newest Innovations in Recruitment   

Forward-thinking leaders must Take.Action.Now. on these innovative approaches to attract the best talent.

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Next-Generation Performance Management Tools

Next-generation performance management tools provide organizations with a more effective way to keep talented team members engaged and involved.

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Global Mobility as a Recruitment Strategy

Employee retention is always a challenge, but a strong global mobility program will increasingly become a competitive advantage for organizations who have – or are building – a global footprint.

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