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Using Mindful Leadership to Enhance Team Performance

Mindful leadership results in high-performing teams that have better overall job satisfaction and higher levels of well-being. Being a mindful leader means being aware; it means being respectful of people and differences; it means being thoughtful in everything you do.

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Workplace Flexibility in Action: These Companies Are Getting It Right

You don’t have to provide unlimited time off or yearlong sabbaticals to take steps toward providing more workplace flexibility. Start small by taking steps to change your culture so team members who take advantage of flexibility options are on equal footing with those who are not.

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3 Things We Read and Top Leaders Should Too – Week of September 23rd.

1.  We’ve been talking about employee engagement for a few years now.  But do you know why your employees should be engaged and for what purpose?  George Bradt gives some great insight into engagement.  Forbes.com 9/23/13 2.  What do you

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