Organizations face constant change from technological disruption and innovation. Changing dynamics in the workplace require business leaders to have multiple team members who are prepared for leadership positions earlier in their careers. Participants in the PwC CEO Survey shared their insights on navigating these changes:

  • Be prepared. John J. Christmann IV, CEO of Apache Corporation, said he aims “to have two to three candidates ready for every key position, and two to three folks in training to take their jobs.”
  • Focus on Millennials and beyond. For Mark T. Mondello, CEO of Jabil Circuit Inc., his company challenges itself to make sure they’re hiring enough young talent to lead them into the future.
  • Seek flexibility. At Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., CEO Elizabeth Smith said that the first thing she looks for, whether hiring in R&D or in finance, is a nimble leader.

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Enhancing Team Performance

How do you uplevel team performance in a tech-savvy environment and ensure that you are doing things the best way possible? From driverless cars to a sharing economy, innovation is key. Foster innovation with these approaches:

  • Encourage friendly competition. Encourage your teams to compete among themselves, to motivate innovation.
  • Provide useful insight. Fuel innovation by sharing feedback from customers about product complaints and feature requests.
  • Be transparent. Develop a culture of innovation by openly communicating strategy and vision.

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If your organization is stagnating, it will not survive. Develop an innovation program and establish a team, to begin identifying potential opportunities. As you place a higher priority on innovation, the culture of your organization will shift, creating a self-sustaining innovative environment. Get ahead of the competition now and stay in business for the future.

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