Dear Friends,

How you, your organizations, families and loved ones are doing is on the top of our mind.

The fast-changing economic landscape is putting organizations into a crisis as we have never seen before, and the leadership and HR needs of these organization have changed. Everyone is looking through a very different lens than just a few weeks ago. From remote working, business continuity, to new government guidelines, and managing day to day, this requires agile, adaptable, resilient leadership.

How Can We Help?

Over the years, we’ve had countless conversations with you in making tough business decisions, to think things through objectively, to look at a variety of options with a new lens and a different perspective. This is what we do best, be a trusted, objective and confidential sounding board, steeped in leadership and HR expertise.

We know stress levels are high and we are here for you. Should you or anyone on your team need support, let me know and we will provide PRO BONO COACHING support. Whether you need 5, 15 or 30 minutes of support, we have your back! Just email me or call me directly and we’ll get you connected immediately with an ETG team member ready and willing to coach.

What is the silver lining?

We have seen incredible stories of companies going to a virtual environment in 48 hours or less.

  • We have seen teachers offer free and generous help via live social media platforms.
  • We have seen CEOs and other leaders deliver their most heartfelt, authentic, and loving communications.
  • We have seen personal and professional virtual happy hours pop up by the 100s.
  • We have seen organizations offering immediate virtual support for those with mental health needs, addiction and alcohol issues.
  • We have seen generous and amazing offers to support individuals, teams, organizations, families, the elderly and others.

And we have seen our medical, first responders and other “on the front lines” individuals step up in the biggest way possible – to care for all of us.

Together we will manage to get through this. In the meantime, the ETG team and their families continue to stay well, thankfully. We hope the same for all of you.

We are here to partner with you during this difficult journey and offer our best guidance, loving support, and direct POV.

We will thrive with you.

With love and gratitude,
Michelle Tenzyk