The human resource needs of every organization are unique. We meet you where you are to take you where you need to be. We are experts on everything HR. And provide a thoughtful, mindful and expert assessment of, advice about, and hands-on support for all key HR functions—from talent management to performance management solutions.

Whether your HR team needs significant support or is looking for strategic people management insight, we partner where needed. And we collaborate to support or strengthen your organization and enhance your human resources capabilities to produce a thriving organization. We are your extra pair of hands when you need it.

We address your real issues, boldly confront the sensitive questions, grasp the gray areas and help you identify and catch things typically falling through the cracks.

And, we keep you current on trends that make you a best in class HR group for your organization. Our partnership can focus on…

  • HR Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition Guidance and Support
  • Talent Management Solutions
  • Interim HR Lead
  • HR Operational Assessment/Audit
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Compensation Strategy and Analysis
  • Growth and Scaling Up Support



At East Tenth Group, we are all about growth. Our Balanced Leadership ™ Framework starts with managing yourself and then moves forward with aligning and leading your business for success.

We show you how to leverage your leaders in action to gain results.

So you have accomplished business leaders that produce successful businesses. In other words, your business wins because your people do. And we celebrate them all with you.


Our leadership programs are customized for every level of leadership development—from emerging leaders to senior executives. Want more information on how they work and the benefits to your organization?

Click on our Leadership page to learn more about our Balanced Leadership Programs.


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We are the senior advisor to your CEO and the Executive Coach to your leadership team. We coach you to behavioral changes that yield impactful results.

We are specific and direct in identifying the changes you need to make. We turn them into practical action steps for you to take and provide thought-provoking and encouraging guidance in helping you implement them.

Each engagement is customized to your individual and business circumstances. And we strive to be personal, approachable and accessible to your pressing needs.

As a result, you will…

  • Build a power base up, down and across
  • Communicate with impact
  • Develop and strengthen your emotional intelligence
  • Engage team members to drive business outcomes
  • Prompt collaboration and innovation
  • Navigate special situations like mergers and turnarounds
  • Develop political savviness
  • Expand your network and knowledge base

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They are truly committed, the focus on business is critical with execs, they talk the language and hone in and identify what’s important then move forward with a lot more precision than others.
CHROFinancial Services
Director, HR
Prior to coaching from the ETG team, I felt overwhelmed by job responsibilities and had no work and home balance. Today I receive encouraging professional feedback and enjoy precious time with family and friends.
Director, HRInsurance Company
EVP, Managing Director
Michelle’s executive coaching is productive and immediate. She draws on your personal strengths, addresses real-world office dynamics, and improves your self-awareness and leadership skills.
EVP, Managing DirectorClient Services, Marketing & Communications Company
VP, Wealth Management
The ETG Coach provided a thoughtful process that delivered results. Rather than entertain my every idea, she specifically narrowed the focus to reach a meaningful conclusion.
VP, Wealth ManagementFinancial Services
Medical Director
The ETG Coach I worked with identified key behaviors preventing me from attaining my business and career goals. I adjusted in real time which improved my self-confidence and business outcomes.
Medical DirectorPharmaceutical Industry

Discover the business challenges which may be preventing you from achieving your true potential as a leader