We are re-publishing one of our most popular posts from 2013.  We spend a lot of time learning how to find jobs, get the interview, negotiate offers and start a new position – but leaving a job can be as stressful and just as important.

When you are looking to leave your job whether you have found another one, are frustrated with the one you have, are going back to school or the myriad of other reasons to quit, do it smartly.

3 Steps to Quit Smartly

  1. Tell your manager directly. Speak to your manager directly and be up front about your choice. Also, let your manager know early in the day and do it in person.
  2. Give 2 weeks notice.  Provide a brief explanation of why you are leaving and give a minimum of a full 2 weeks notice.  There are many people who ask about this.  The reason for the 2 weeks notice is being fair to your employer and to yourself.
  3. Make Friday Your Last Day.  Have your last day be Friday; it generally works best.  Choosing to have any other day be your last is like a hiccup – is just isn’t as smooth.

Why do it this way?  All of this gives time for your employer to prepare for replacing your position and ensuring you are transitioning any unfinished work.  This also provides plenty of opportunity for you to say goodbye to your colleagues. Always take the high road and be willing to provide a little more time if asked.  You may need a reference in the future (regardless if your HR department only provides dates of employment for reference).  [Tweet “When quitting a job, always take the high road.”] You want to leave a company on good terms – you’ll feel smart in behaving this way and you’ll shine wherever you are going next.  Be smart, quit smart.

 [Tweet “You want to leave a company on good terms. Be smart, quit smart.”]

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