The millennial generation may have introduced us to the need for immediate feedback, technology-based communication, and work-from-anywhere innovation, but those steps forward have now been adopted by an entire cohort of talented workers: Gen C. Gen C is the “connected” generation. Even more so than millennials, they are digital natives (or nearly), for whom technology is a constant part of their daily routine. They don’t watch TV or listen to the radio; they stream YouTube videos and listen to Spotify. They don’t use printers or landlines; they can’t, however, live life without apps.

[Tweet “Gen C is about mindset; there is no specific age, gender, class, or race differentiation.”]

Leaders must understand that Gen C is not a generational cohort defined by when you were born or the age group in which you fit. The connected generation runs the gamut from teenagers to people of retirement age. Being a part of Gen C is about mindset; there is no specific age, gender, class, or race differentiation. Being a part of Gen C means:

  • Being actively engaged in online communities
  • A willingness to try new social media platforms
  • An open-mindedness about the flow between work and life and balance
  • A deep desire to have meaning in work and play

[Tweet “To attract Gen C, you must reach them where they are – they are not going to seek you out.”]


To attract candidates from Generation C, you must reach them where they are – they are not going to seek you out.

  • Be visible on the platforms they use, and communicate the way they do (in small, digestible bits).
  • Communicate with them using their preferred methods of tweeting, texting, and snap chatting, instead of using email, phone, or messaging.
  • Nurture your existing talent, because Generation C won’t respond to a job posting on your website; they respond to word-of-mouth recommendations and peer recruitment.

If you’re seeking innovative, creative, and nimble talent, these are the people you need to attract. They are forward-thinking brand ambassadors with a flexible approach to solving problems, working with others, and communicating. They’ll eagerly be on board with things like Workplace for Facebook and be the more efficient users; they’re productive and communicative and always looking for newer, faster, better ways to do things.

If you have not already taken advantage of technology and social media to improve your recruitment strategy, then start communicating your tech-savvy and flexible culture. Actively social CEOs attract top talent on social media, and you can’t afford to waste another day.

As the CEO & Founder of East Tenth Group, Michelle leverages 25 years of business and experience as a strategic advisor and executive coach to help drive actionable people solutions and provide practical insights on business strategy to senior leaders. she and her team and are fiercely committed to the development and growth of people and companies because we believe that when people thrive, business thrives.

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