Leadership Programs

Today, developing leaders and teams is more critical than ever. Most important is focusing this development on the skills and key areas that matter to a business in real-time. East Tenth Group programs are designed to meet you where you are in your needs. Our programs are customized with you at the center. They are highly impactful, producing individual and team results quickly, but long-lasting. We differentiate by differentiating each of you.

When Business Thrives, People Thrive.

East Tenth Group offers a number of one-on-one leadership programs and a team program. We can help you along your growth continuum as you advance in leadership and your team performs at their peak.

New Leader Performance Acceleration ~ A 3-month, one-on-one program for executive and leaders who have accepted a new position and want to ensure a strong start and long-term success.

Maximize Your Leadership™ ~ A 3 month, one-on-one leadership program for experienced executives who have been in their roles for 6 months or more.

Leverage Leadership Effectiveness™ ~ A 3 month, one-on-one program for key leaders who are newly promoted or taking on increased responsibilities and who manage four or more direct reports.

Accelerate Managerial Effectiveness™ ~ A 6 week, one-on-one program for key leaders who are new managers or who have limited managerial experience.

Building High-Performing Teams ~ A 6-week program, beginning with a 2-day workshop for experienced leaders who want to build and lead a highly energetic and capable team.

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