Achieve Collective Impact

Balanced Leadership

East Tenth Group empowers teams to go beyond their individual strengths and optimize their total performance.

We know ideal outcomes can be reached through the most effective teams, and organizations are no different than sports ~ the best teams win. Team coaching is a powerful method where we observe and study your team dynamics, gather data and develop the complete picture of how each individual contributes to the whole. Only then do we craft a coaching experience that is uniquely suited for your team.

Using ETG’s Balanced Leadership™ framework as a baseline, we show team leaders like you how to adopt new behaviors and leadership strategies that produce bottom-line results.

It’s the Right Choice for You If:

  • You want to learn how to up-level the entirety of your team.
  • You want outcomes for the business realized in increased revenues, improved profits, and/or operational efficiencies.
  • You want peak performance from your people and organization.
  • You want to build more productive relationships with your team and cross functionally.

We provide strategic guidance and hands-on facilitation for executive and leadership team meetings.
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