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One on One, Specific and Action Based for Results


We believe the most effective leadership development plan is not off-the-shelf. But individualized, unique to your organization and confronts immediate challenges.

Our approach is one on one. Personally coaching you on how to become better leaders and managers. Not somewhere down the road, but right now. Addressing specific needs. Connecting the dots between behavior and business outcomes. And aligning it all to meet your business goals that impact your future.

Together, we figure out where you are right now, where you want to go and coach you through specific

actions that move you in that direction.

Towards success.

  • Customized and specific to every level of leadership—from emerging to senior executive
  • One on one—coaches meet you face to face through live video conferencing.
  • Regular in small increments of time—not just one and done, but extended over a period of time to track progress and in bite size, appointments that fit around your busy schedule.
  • Addresses real issues and goals specific to your organization.

Want to know more about our Balanced Leadership™ Programs?
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Balanced Leadership
  • New Leaders Acceleration For executives and leaders in a new position that want to ensure a strong start and long-term success. You’ll gain a clear, actionable plan for you and your team and an outlined strategy for impactful results as you influence key people and deliver an ROI for your company.
  • Maximize Your Leadership For experienced executives who want to strengthen their leadership capabilities in a more noticeable way. It provides valuable insights, pointed business guidance and sounding board advice to senior leaders often isolated in decision-making.
  • Leverage Leadership Effectiveness For leaders assuming increased management responsibilities or that might benefit from a refresher on strong management practices. It guides you into deeper management and leadership capabilities and helps you navigate increasingly complex organizational issues.
  • Accelerate Managerial Effectiveness For new leaders or individuals with limited management experience. It equips you with sound managerial practices and supports a successful transition into leadership roles with new responsibilities.
  • Building High Performing Teams For leaders who want to build and lead a highly capable team. It addresses and works through issues related to your specific team dynamics and guides you in unison to identify and achieve your business focused objectives.
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Mike Martorella
Michelle’s knowledge of the big picture from a business and HR perspective and her attention to detail proved to be invaluable. We implemented her recommendations to our HR operations processes with excellent results.
Mike MartorellaFormer Head of HR, Bunge Global Markets
Prior to Michelle’s coaching, I felt overwhelmed by job responsibilities and had no work and home balance. Today I receive encouraging professional feedback and enjoy precious time with family and friends.
DirectorHR, Insurance Company