“Accepting feedback and constructive criticism is critical for employees and managers, even one as accomplished as Kroger’s chairman, who stepped down as CEO on Jan. 1.” says, Josh Pichler who recently interviewed Dave Dillon.  Dillon preaches the importance of feedback to anybody who asks.

“Most bosses are supposed to give you some feedback, but they often are uncomfortable in doing it. If you ask them for the feedback, the invitation makes it easier,” he said.  “It’s my single most important piece of management and personal advice. Feedback’s a gift.” 

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Why Don’t Managers Give Feedback?

Then why is it so many managers don’t want to give feedback?  As a former HR executive and now strategic leadership advisor and coach, so many of my clients struggle with giving feedback (and yes, at times, receiving it).  Somehow they feel the team member will be slighted, feelings hurt, maybe the manager won’t be liked, and on and on.  The truth is you are doing everyone a disservice by not giving feedback.

Think back when you were young – imagine if your parents didn’t tell you when not to run across the street, or not to touch a hot stove, put the wrong thing in your mouth.  All of this was feedback.  We thought nothing of it back then when we got it – we listened and followed it.  Lest we get hit by a car or burnt our hands.  And if you are a parent, aunt, uncle, I’m sure you are telling kids these same things.  It is really no different in the work place.  We crave being re-directed.  What’s working, what’s not working.  Yes, give them feedback.  Hit it head-on.

Feedback Formula

The next time you sit down with someone who works for you, tell him or her 3 things they are doing well, and 3 things they could do better.  That’s it – it is that simple.  I call it the feedback formula.  Make this a habit, do it often.  It will build upon itself.  And you know what, you’ll have happier and better employees.  The result?  Well, better results.  Remember, as Dave Dillon says, feedback is a gift.  [Tweet “We all got feedback when we were young, and we deserve to get it now.”]

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