In a study conducted by Root Inc., managers were labeled “America’s most neglected employee.” Companies believe it is a waste of time to train managers: The research revealed that not only are managers undervalued, but that only 37% of the companies surveyed believed it was important to develop important leadership or manager capabilities.

And according to Gallup, only 35% of managers consider themselves engaged, 51% are disengaged and 14% are feeling actively disengaged. This “costs the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually through their impact on those they manage. And when we factor in the impact of the “actively disengaged” group, those figures jump to $319 billion to $398 billion annually.”

Even more concerning is that only one in ten people “possess high talent to manage.” Yet managers with high talent are:

  • Twice as likely to be engaged
  • Better brand ambassadors
  • More likely to be focused on strengths

Managers get where they are because they are good at what they do, not because of how they lead. There needs to be a bridge between doing and learning to lead others to do for these new managers. Customized, one-on-one leadership development programs have a dramatic difference on a company’s bottom line. According to the The MPI Manufacturing Study, better leadership leads to more efficiency, better productivity, better retention, and higher profits.

East Tenth Group has launched Accelerate Managerial Effectiveness, a six-week, one-on-one program for emerging leaders that strengthens key leadership areas such as confidence in leading others, managing up successfully, and delivering results with impact. Read more.

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