Admit it –your team members are already spending time on Facebook during work hours. Whether they surreptitiously catch up on their feed from their phones or share the latest meme about wishing it was Friday, Facebook is already a part of the workday. But Facebook’s newly-launched Workplace is designed to improve communications among team members, increasing collaboration and innovation in your organization. Will it work?


Facilitating communication among team members and making it easier for them to share information and move forward with projects is always welcome. But can Workplace really make a difference? I think it can, but only if you already have a culture of innovation and strong teams in place.

Is Workplace Right for Your Company?

Workplace describes itself as a new way to “work together and get more done.” It is ad-free and separate from personal Facebook accounts. “Connect everyone in your company and turn ideas into action,” Workplace claims. With 1.23 billion monthly Facebook users, it is likely that most of your team members already use the social platform. And if you use Facebook, you already know how to use Workplace. Because the platform works just like the consumer-driven social site, you will not have a learning curve in rolling out the platform to your teams.

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Take.Action.Now. to Determine if Workplace by Facebook Will Help Your Company

  1. Assess your communications. Is there a gap in your ability to keep track of team projects or are your teams struggling to effectively communicate with each other to collaborate?
  2. Evaluate team performance. Does your organization already welcome open communication and collaboration among team members? Do you have high-performing teams who simply need a better way to communicate?
  3. Examine your company culture. Does your organization already have a culture that values innovation and empowers team members to autonomously make decisions that improve how goals are accomplished?

If your organization has a toxic culture or lack visionary and bold leadership to set the right example, no amount of technology will make a difference. If your company struggles simply with disseminating information in a quick and easy way that will contribute to productivity, but is otherwise already progressive, flexible, and innovative, then Workplace is a tool worth investigating.

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