Becky Blalock wrote an interesting piece in the WSJ on executive-level confidence.  She outlined 10 steps to achieve this.  Once again, 10 steps are just too many for me.  So, I have taken the liberty of calling out the 3 keys to owning your executive confidence.

The 3 Keys to Executive Confidence

  1. Take action.  Many of us will think, think, and think.  You exude more confidence when you make a decision, quickly and effortlessly.  Yes, you may make a mistake, but who hasn’t?  Hesitating, delaying, analyzing to death demonstrates faulty leadership.  Timely, decisive action shows a confident, proactive leader who is willing to move the business and those around her forward.
  2. Stand tall.  I mean this literally and figuratively.  Your body language is critical to others perception of your confidence or lack thereof.  Pull your shoulders back, stand or sit up straight, make eye contact, and above all, SMILE.  And, you are what you wear.  Don’t cheapen your appearance or try to get away with your weekend style.  Your personal appearance, in the office, can say everything.  Hire a stylist if you need to and your confidence will soar.
  3. Saying thank you.  What do I mean?  Taking time in the morning or evening to say thank you to your loved ones, those who work with and for you, and quietly for the many things that make you grateful.  This simple key practice puts things in perspective and creates a calm, and positive sense.  Those around you will feel it and you will in turn, be relaxed and confident.

Is there a lot more too owning your executive confidence?  Sure.  But studies show that making 2 or 3 adjustments to our behaviors have great, long lasting impact.  Putting into practice the 3 keys I described, consistently, will indeed have you feeling more confident every day.

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