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Coaching For HR Professionals

Balanced Leadership

Are you a CEO, COO, or Board Member who has found a shortcoming in an otherwise strong HR leader? Perhaps you realize their potential far more than they do? Or maybe the HR leader is driven, but they simply aren’t delivering what the C-Suite and Board need?

It happens—every leader has room for improvement. With HR leaders, though, their imperfections can go without notice. Sometimes, they’re so focused on fixing what the company needs that they don’t recognize how they can improve, too.

East Tenth Group (ETG) offers one-of-a-kind coaching and development services for executive and C-Suite positions within the HR department. Some of these folks are not in the C-suite YET – they are directors.

Coaching is one of the most effective tools to accelerate results. We will identify your needs and quickly convert them into tangible objectives. From HR strategy to HR operational assessments to people strategy to growth, we will identify the areas that require change. Then, we will work with you until we get there.

Your HR leadership is in the center of the storm in terms of addressing organizational issues at the moment and in the future – make sure they have the support they need!!

At ETG, we target real issues, confront the crucial questions, and identify the missing pieces that can make HR leaders excel. We do all of this in a safe space that allows expression and free-thinking.

And we know what we’re doing: Four of our certified coaches were formerly HR leaders. We’re familiar with best coaching practices, and we couldn’t be any more knowledgeable about the HR landscape.

Throughout the coaching process, we will harness our innovative East Tenth Group’s Balanced Leadership™ framework to help you achieve your goals. Using our framework, we will focus on leading the business, leading teams, managing others, and self-management. Leadership is a complex role, but our framework addresses every aspect of it.

Every position is unique, and we understand that. With the Balanced Leadership™ framework, though, nothing is out of reach—not the issues you want to address nor the goals that you’re striving to obtain. With our expert coaches and our innovative framework, we will make success look easy.

It’s the Right Choice for You If:

  • Your HR Professional needs to strengthen their leadership capabilities.
  • Your HR Professional needs to better recognize how to connect employees top performance areas to organizational needs.
  • You need your HR professional to move from Operation Manager to a Strategic Leader.
  • You need your HR leader to better identify employee performance review data that drives organizational goals and opportunities.

Program Benefits

  • Your leadership coach – an experienced, confidential sounding board who provides tools and a roadmap for greater success.
  • Team management and motivation skills.
  • Help cultivating key relationships that further your influence and attract support early on.
  • Develop deeper awareness of sound managerial practices and get help with implementation
  • Manage increasingly complex organizational issues and the changing political landscape
  • Increase your confidence in and leverage your managerial capabilities to their fullest

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Michelle Tenzyk and the ETG team helped our HR leader develop an aligned and well thought out HR functional plan that matched the type of business plans we develop across the other functions of our Company. They helped outline an approach, worked on specific priority actions across a range of strategic HR areas and served as a sounding board as the plan was implemented. This work has served to raise the significance of the HR function in our Company and further the respect for our HR leadership.
CEOConsumer Products Company, NA.
Michelle and the team from East Tenth Group (ETG) are a top tier Human Resource Consultancy and Coaching Firm. Through their direct and consistent work with our team, we’ve significantly elevated our HR strategy by transforming an HR discipline from compliance & support to inspiring and engaging our best EQ and IQ leadership talents. We’re tackling leadership development, engaging the employee experience and succession planning at all levels. We’re making our culture visible and our behaviors intentional in support of an aggressive growth strategy for our business. ETG has become an important and trusted advisor who continues to earn a key spot on our team to help us navigate success by creating an awesome workplace experience and uplevel our HR leadership.
CEOFurniture and Solutions Company