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Balanced Leadership

At the top of the ladder, CEOs identify the strengths and weaknesses of their business. They offer constructive remarks to other leaders, and they motivate team members while managing through uncertainty and leading with strength. Rarely, though, do CEOs hear feedback about their leadership skills. Why? Most C-Suite leaders and Board Members don’t have it in them to tell CEOs where and how they lack. So the problems persist; the blind spots go unnoticed.

East Tenth Group has helped dozens of CEOs by becoming their trusted senior advisor. Through our focus on helping you solve your most pressing business challenges, we provide an objective, direct point of view not found anywhere else. With a heavy load and a busy schedule, you deserve nothing but the best coaching services. Our CEO coaching services are 100% customized to identify your unique position and to help you reach your goals.

Our coaching and development services identify the highest-need areas for CEOs: conflict management skills, listening skills, sharing leadership, planning, team building, mentoring, communication, and more. Together with you, we will identify the areas where you excel and the areas where you can grow.

We will also address soft skills like motivation, persuasion, confidence, and compassion. As a leader, you are the person to which other people are measuring themselves. When you thrive, others will, too; when you feel unmotivated, your team will match you. Our services will provide you with the confidence you don’t need to fake and the natural motivation that you wake with every day.

No matter whether your business is dwindling or thriving, processes can always be optimized.  As the guiding light of your company, your attitude, results, and hard skills are critical to success.

Under our excellent CEO coaching and development services, led by our nationally-recognized coaches and leaders, you and your company will face constant advancement. Additionally, you’ll evolve into the leader that everybody from the C-Suite to entry-level team members hopes to become.

It’s the Right Choice for You If:

  • You want to learn how to be an effective leader.
  • You want outcomes for the business realized in increased revenues and improved profits.
  • You want efficient operations and peak performance from your people and organization.
  • You want to build more productive relationships.

Program Benefits

  • Your leadership coach – an experienced, confidential sounding board who provides tools and a roadmap for greater success.
  • Team management and motivation skills.
  • Help cultivating key relationships that further your influence and attract support early on.
  • Develop deeper awareness of sound managerial practices and get help with implementation
  • Manage increasingly complex organizational issues and the changing political landscape
  • Increase your confidence in and leverage your managerial capabilities to their fullest

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