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The Chicken or the Egg, Employee Retention or Customer Retention – Which Should Come First?

The endless cycle of hiring, training, and inevitably replacing team members must stop. Given the enormous expense and instability associated with replacing and training new members, the importance of engaging and retaining current people on the team is even more critical.

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Talent Strategy: The One Thing Your Business Needs This Year

Do you struggle to stay ahead of your talent needs? Do you find yourself realizing only after the need is desperate that you are missing the skill sets necessary to accomplish your goals? Talent acquisition is a common struggle for

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Take Action Now to Bring More Women to the Table

To deliver the best outcomes as business leaders, it is our imperative to deliver on this varied thinking at the beginning of the recruitment process by creating parity, providing development opportunities and mentors, and by placing women on our boards – whether or not they’ve achieved CEO status.

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Angela Merkel: A Blueprint for Developing Global Leaders

Real change must start long before women enter the workplace. Look at the world at large for innovative and creative ways to inspire how you develop your future leaders. And don’t forget to start in your own neighborhood.

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If Google Believes in People Analytics, Why Don’t You?

HR executives must evolve to maintain, if not improve, retention and performance – and ultimately to increase revenue. Enter people analytics.

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