In the tech world, an agile approach is nothing new. An agile, iterative process drives innovation, app development, and customer experience. But the agile method – a responsive, nimble framework –  is no longer exclusively an approach for developing faster, better apps and programs; it is a requirement for every leader in every industry. Why is agility so important? Consider this: 88 percent of the companies who were in the Fortune 500 in 1955 were no longer there in 2014.

Take.Action.Now. to Become an Agile Leader

Developing into an agile leader is crucial; leading with agility allows the organization to not only survive during uncertainty, but also to thrive. Agile leaders must be able to do three things:

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  • Recognize opportunity. Disruption is the new constant, and successful organizations are the ones acting before it’s too late. What happens when you do not act quickly enough? Think: Kodak. The one-time giant in the camera industry failed to see the coming digital photography revolution, and they’re still playing catchup.
  • Empower teams. Once you have a vision of where the future is headed, you need to be willing to take the risks required to get there. Create a culture of innovation in which your teams can be creative and forward-thinking, share ideas, and try new things.
  • Take action. Talking and planning will only take you so far. At some point, you must say, “Yes, we’re going to do this” – and then commit. This may require bringing in new talent, developing alliances with other organizations, and investing in new technology.

Being an agile leader is as much attitude as it is action. Agile leaders recognize the need for constant learning as they seek ways to capitalize on opportunity. They focus more on cultivating a culture in which the best talent thrives, where uncertainty is met with enthusiasm, where change is an opportunity.

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What will you do to become more agile as you lead your team forward?

As the CEO & Founder of East Tenth Group, Michelle leverages 25 years of business and experience as a strategic advisor and executive coach to help drive actionable people solutions and provide practical insights on business strategy to senior leaders. she and her team and are fiercely committed to the development and growth of people and companies because we believe that when people thrive, business thrives.

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