Author: Michelle Tenzyk

7 Steps for Becoming a Change Leader

change is hard, and the hardest part of organizational change is leading teams through it. Before you choose a change model to follow, make sure you are ready to lead change.

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Using Mindful Leadership to Enhance Team Performance

Mindful leadership results in high-performing teams that have better overall job satisfaction and higher levels of well-being. Being a mindful leader means being aware; it means being respectful of people and differences; it means being thoughtful in everything you do.

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5 Ways Mindfulness Strengthens Your Ability to Lead Effectively

Mindfulness is a method for helping leaders become more aware and in control of their own behaviors, attitudes, and communication. These may seem like simple steps, but they are often overlooked and essential to your ability to lead well.

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Achieving True Diversity the Major League Soccer Way

Is your organization really achieving true diversity, or is it merely paying lip service to the idea of diversity?

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Diversity: A Magic Bullet for Innovation, Retention, and Growth

Diversity is essential to high performance in our modern economy. Companies that understand this and rise to the challenge simply outperform companies that do not.

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