balanced leadership

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At East Tenth Group we are committed to your success as an organization, leader and manager. We know that every milestone and stage of your growth and leadership journey brings different challenges and unique needs.

Why Hire Us?

Because our firm is the right choice if you want results. We figure out if you have the right KPI’s to get the growth you want, then we help you look at your leaders to make sure they know what they need to deliver and how; and if necessary we partner to make organizational changes.

Who Hires Us?

CEO’s, Presidents, business owners and senior leaders hire East Tenth Group to complement their internal HR leaders, improve HR capabilities, strengthen their leadership and meet challenges with business perspective and hands-on dedication.

What Do We Do For You?

East Tenth Group integrates people strategy, leadership development, and executive coaching in a comprehensive, phased approach that fits your business needs and gets you the outcomes you need to grow.

How Do We Partner With You?

We believe that the most effective development is one-to-one, work-based, unique to your needs, right now – not off-the-shelf. We take the time to understand your role, your company, your successes and challenges. And, we simplify the complexity of leading using our Balanced Leadership™ Framework.

Recent Engagements

About-EastTenthGroupAs a stakeholder in client business outcome, East Tenth Group has:

Up-leveled the strategic capabilities of a division president. Broadened and strengthened abilities from operationally focused to executive and board contributions with impact.

Facilitated a Head of People search for a high-growth financial technology company. Partnered with search firm to select and hire first head of people.

Designed an optimal Human Resources function. Reviewed business strategy and aligned HR function to focus on priority needs of business, delivering the right solutions.

Accelerated managerial capabilities of emerging leaders for high-growth digital software technology company. Provided focused, deep-dive one-on-one development for the top emerging leaders to sharpen and strengthen management skills in real-time.

Drove strategic initiatives to propel 5x growth plans for financial technology company. Strategic partner of CEO to set the course for 5 year growth plan.

East Tenth Group Balanced FrameworkBuilt enhanced leadership and team capabilities resulting in better conflict resolution approaches for a speciality area of a pharmaceutical company. Worked one-on-one and with the team to up-level overall capability of the team to deliver faster, better results.

Designed high-impact talent acquisition strategy for advertising agency. Assessed and re-designed the go to market strategy to acquire the best and brightest talent.

Designed an optimal Human Resources function. Hired by a CEO to evaluate his senior players, structure the company, design human resources, and improve his relationships with the corporate offices.

Michelle Tenzyk

Founder & President

As President of East Tenth Group, Michelle Tenzyk leverages her 25 years in business Michelle Tenzykto bring insight, perspective, and experience to all aspects of human resources. Michelle’s strength lies in her breadth of experience as a senior HR executive, a strategic advisor and an executive coach. She has coached CEOs and top-level executives to create and sustain company cultures that attract and retain key talent at all levels.  She has worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop talent management solutions that improve communication, encourage productivity, and increase engagement.  And she has guided organizations large and small through mergers, downsizings, and turnarounds.

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