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East Tenth Group is a boutique human resources consulting firm that provides people strategy, leadership development, and executive coaching services.

And the right choice if you want results.

We are fiercely committed to developing leaders, purposing a strategic vision and improving systems and processes through the accomplishments of people that are motivated, skilled and engaged.

Our approach is straightforward. We begin by determining where you are right now and understanding the issues that need to be addressed to head in the direction you want to go.

Then we identify the action steps that take you there and work with you to get those results.

We specialize in working with growth enterprises and middle-market businesses to achieve exceptional success through supporting and inspiring your people and vision.


We meet you where you are, take action on what you need now and build into your future. We confront the real issues you face in your organization and guide you through practical steps tied into your business goals.


We connect the dots between behavioral change that leads to improved performance and positively impacts your bottom line.


We draw on a depth of knowledge and demonstrate how to lead by thoughtfully, compassionately and strategically moving your people towards improved performance.



We’re devoted to your success. Our approach is one-to-one, work-based, designed for your needs and ‘right now’. We draw on our proven track record and insight to devise a plan for immediate action.

Successful organizations are strategic, maximize technology and unified by a mission.

But exceptional organizations also include heart and passion. The effort to improve—not just on an organizational level—but on a human level.

Because when people are united, they accomplish great things. And therefore, so does your organization.

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We integrate people strategy, leadership development and executive coaching in a comprehensive, phased approach. We speak with candor, but always with your best interests in mind. We drive actions, leading to changes that move you in the direction you want to go. CEOs, Presidents, business owners and senior leaders hire us to improve their effectiveness as leaders and assist in developing their leadership teams and furthering their HR function. We help you infuse genuine humanity in your human resources. And demonstrate how to lead—not just by applying leadership techniques and principles to overcome challenges—but by thoughtfully, compassionately and strategically moving your people towards improved performance.

We genuinely believe when people thrive, business thrives.


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