When you’re the one your team looks to for guidance and inspiration, who do you turn to? We should all have a few mentors in our lives – but for everyday inspiration, it’s nice to bring in some outside perspectives.

Recently, podcasts have grown quite a bit in popularity. What I like about this medium is the access to candid perspectives from other professionals. You can hear from those who have been where you are, or are where you’d like to be.

The best podcasts for leaders offer value through great hosts, captivating guests, and real-world advice. Subscribe to these acclaimed podcasts for a dose of inspiration during your morning commute.

1. Women’s Leadership Podcast hosted by Sabrina Braham

Author and Professional Certified Executive Coach Sabrina Braham hosts this inspiring podcast, which focuses on helping women in leadership get the most out of their lives and career. Braham has been hosting the podcast for ten years, and bases the content of each episode on experiences with her own clientele. Topics include leadership, career advancement, negotiating better pay, and more.

2. The Go-Giver Podcast hosted by Bob Burg

Bob Burg is the author of The Go-Giver, an international best-seller touting the “give and you shall receive” principle as a key to success in business. The podcast of the same name is all about what it means to be a “go-giver”, and how giving is key to earning influence and success.

3. Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way hosted by Susan Michel

As a woman in business, Glen Eagle CEO Susan Michel is intimately familiar with the long road to success. Her podcast features inspirational female leaders and answers women’s most pressing questions about career, family, and finance. I was honored to be Susan’s guest this past March to speak about living with a stigmatized illness in a high-achieving role.

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4. Dose of Leadership hosted by Richard Rierson

A podcast that explores leadership from all angles and disciplines, Dose of Leadership features guests from organizations like the NFL and Fortune 500 companies. While you can expect to hear fascinating observations and lessons from influential leaders like Barbara Corcoran and Simon Sinek, one of the podcast’s best assets is Rierson’s engaging interview style.

5. Leadership and Loyalty hosted by Dov Baron

Dov Baron speaks to Fortune 500 CEOs and leaders in this podcast on marrying success in business with purposeful living. Episodes will inspire you, intrigue you, and reassure you that you are not alone on “the lonely path” of leadership. Guests discuss everything from leadership strategies to managing mental illness while navigating the challenges of success and influence.

6. This Is Your Life hosted by Michael Hyatt

A great way to start your week, Michael Hyatt’s confidence-boosting podcast is aimed at helping leaders find new ways to get more done. Fire up an episode on your morning run to hear Hyatt present new research, thoughtful tips, and motivational anecdotes on personal development and leadership. Episodes will leave you entertained and mentally energized.

7. Engaging Leader hosted by Jesse Lahey

Great communication is the single most important skill for an effective leader to master. As the title suggests, this podcast is all about earning trust and influence by engaging others. Themes focus on building a culture around you that is engaged with your organization’s mission.

As you may have noticed, many of these podcasts were created by other leaders looking to share the nuggets of wisdom they’ve learned in their own roles. I hope each one of them can inspire you to lead better, live better, and perhaps even start a podcast of your own!

If the content in these podcasts motivate you to make a big change in the way you lead, we can help you realize this change. I encourage you to contact my team and I at East Tenth Group today.

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