Every leader wrestles with how to improve retention and engagement, but from our perspective at East Tenth Group, these efforts are driven extensively by how well you manage yourself as a leader. Managing yourself more effectively requires you to be more mindful of your behavior and emotional reactions, because to be a more effective leader requires a genuine commitment to valuing others, demonstrated by the way you treat them, talk to them, and provide opportunity for them. In a world where people value relationships as much as, if not more than, the nature of their jobs, you can strengthen your own ability to engage effectively by:

  • Valuing your employees above everything else. This concept it not just feel-good altruism. It is rooted in the financial bottom line, as well. Products and services do not generate long-term profit.
  • Minimizing friction. Be aware of things that cause your people pain. Look for unnecessary pressure points in your policies and procedures, then work to eliminate that stress.
  • Being tolerant. Value people as individuals. Model tolerance of small, non-critical differences, quirks, idiosyncrasies, etc., as well more obvious differences, like race, gender, religion, culture, sexual-orientation, physical appearance, etc
  • Communicating effectively. Understand that every person you work with has their own communication style and work style; that what you say may be perceived differently than how you intended it. Make efforts to understand how others communicate and work so that you can match their communication style and reach them with more clarity.
  • Being accurate and respectful. Be accurate and respectful in everything you do. Be precise in your words. Take the time to say exactly what you mean, then do exactly what you said. (Even something as simple as starting and ending meetings on time demonstrates respect for another’s time).

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Mindfulness is a method for helping leaders become more aware and in control of their own behaviors, attitudes, and communication. These may seem like simple steps, but they are often overlooked and essential to your ability to lead well.

As the CEO & Founder of East Tenth Group, Michelle leverages 25 years of business and experience as a strategic advisor and executive coach to help drive actionable people solutions and provide practical insights on business strategy to senior leaders. she and her team and are fiercely committed to the development and growth of people and companies because we believe that when people thrive, business thrives.

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