I always read with interest those articles that highlight the 10, 15, or 20 things successful leaders should do every morning, but I get overwhelmed before even getting part way through the lists. I don’t know about you, but I cannot commit to 10, 15, or 20 things in a given day, and if you are talking first thing in the morning – now you have really lost me. Nope, it just simply is not possible for me.

However, I loved the list that Jenna Goudreau put together – inspired by her list of 14, here is my list of 3 things we can do to be successful in as we start each day:

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  1. Exercise before it falls off the to-do list. Well, exercise fell off my to-do list, and I paid a very high price. Never mind the weight gain. The sluggishness, lethargy, and lack of energy I suffered were downright miserable. Fortunately, I am a weight trainer, and I was able to find a gym and trainer near my new home quickly. So, exercise is right back on my list, and it should be on yours, too. It is important in anyone’s day and can really set you up for success throughout the rest of the day.
  2. Networking over coffee, breakfast, or lunch. Ideally, I like to network over an early morning breakfast or coffee. Sometimes, however, schedules only allow for lunches. Whatever your preference, the networking part is key. Over the years, I have worked at a number of companies, and now, running my own, I have hundreds of great colleagues and clients. Meeting them to connect, exchange ideas, and discover how I can help them is paramount to my inspiration, creativity, and ability to give back. This is high on my list for being successful.
  3. Reading current articles, news, or books. Staying up to speed – on news, trends in your industry, and updates in your areas of expertise – is not only smart but can be a differentiator. Reading something every day is key. I get summary emails from The New York Times, as well as alerts from other key areas of interest and particular industries, to make sure I am up to date for myself, my clients, and in general. Doing this makes me feel powerful and capable, walking into most any conversation. And with today’s technology, there simply is no excuse.

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Sure, I drink water, spend time with my husband, think about what I am grateful for, too – and a few more that are on Jenna’s list. However, if I start to think about her list as the 14 things I must do to be successful, I will probably stop doing them, as a list such as this just doesn’t feel manageable to me. So I choose two or three things in addition to doing my job, which I love. Managing two or three things plus my job is possible – and I feel incredibly successful.

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