We’re all in this together. This is a phrase we have heard countless times throughout 2020 as we manage through the Covid-19 pandemic. There is something inspiring about these words – especially when it seems daily, we are faced with uncertainty everywhere we turn. In these times, it is good to know someone has your back.

In the workplace, teams are where brilliant ideas emerge and solutions that revolutionize a business or even the world are made a reality. When you have a high-functioning, well-oiled team – one that is full of diversity and drive to succeed – great things happen. As the leader, your team looks to you for support and opportunities to grow. Leadership developmentprograms are not only critical for your organization to create dynamic succession plans for the future, but they are often the fuel your teams need in order to synergize. When identifying what leadership experiences and skills to offer your team, give a few of these a try:

Learn To Building REAL Relationships

You can have the brightest, smartest people on your team, but if they only have surface-level relationships or lack the ability to build strong relationships, your team is doomed before they begin. Relationships are the foundation. The work is important, but people really need to know each other – strengths, challenges, who they are outside of work, and why they are wired the way the are today. In addition, learning to support one another emotionally is key right now as we have all been impacted by the pandemic, and that impact bleeds into our ability to produce. When we take the time to get to know each other and build those relationships, our teams can only grow stronger together. And you can do this virtually.

Develop Cognitive Diversity to Achieve Innovation

One of the top focus areas for leaders today is ensuring their teams are diverse in more ways than one. Having a good mix of genders, races, religions, and perspectives can really challenge people to see the world differently. The leaders of tomorrow will need to be strong leaders of diverse work populations. Offering this experience within your team is perfect on-the-job training. And bonus – diverse teams tend to be more creative and innovative than those teams lacking diversity.

Hone in on Problem Solving Ability

One could argue that the most pervasive skill all organizations need is strong problem solving. They need smart, creative people to solve their business’s toughest problems. When in the trenches, teams take on a life of their own during the grueling hours of creative thinking and trial and error it takes to get the final answer. Providing opportunities to problem solve is one of the best ways to foster leadership skills and strong comradery among your team. Don’t throw them to the wolves. Instead, set boundaries, offer support, and cut out the complexity when you can so they can focus on the problem at hand.

Solid teams bring solid results – every time. And in the uncertain world we are living in today, you can find some level of certainty that the strong team you put together and continue to develop, will lead you and your organization down the right path.

Looking to take your team up a notch? Head on over to our website to learn more about our Leadership Development Programs for Teams. If your organization is looking for a new perspective during these uncertain times, I encourage you to contact my team and I at East Tenth Group today.