Large organizations often have a workforce that is spread not just beyond the confines of a corporate office but beyond the boundaries of the country. Maintaining a “team” feeling across borders and creating a thriving culture presents unique challenges to leaders. The goals and strategy of the organization must be communicated globally, but building global teams require leaders to consider additional factors.

Empowered teams that are included in ongoing operational decisions and team-building exercises are of great value to the success of an organization on a global scale. These leadership teams bridge large distances with strong communication ties both globally and inwardly with local staff.

Leading organizations that have successfully built teams on a global scale kept these three factors in the forefront:

  • Time differences
  • Language barriers
  • Cultural differences

By addressing these factors, the company’s culture and values, as well as engaged and innovative teams, can be created in such a way that the organization as a whole achieves its goals without adversely impacting the effectiveness of each location.

How do you keep your teams working for the same common goals when they’re dispersed across the globe?

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