I recently re-read Laura Zander’s article on inc.com, “Grow Talent; Don’t Buy It.” She shared her story about nurturing a new employee who had a rough start at a new job. She explained how the experience ended up being a good one for both the employee, who developed loyalty and dedication to the company as well as an increasing skill set, and for the company, that benefitted from her growing abilities.

Nurturing internal talent can benefit your organization in many ways:

  1. Facilitate success. Nurturing the talent you already have allows you to facilitate opportunities for cross-training, career development and networking.
  2. Create a culture of innovation and empowerment. Nurturing your existing talent creates a culture of innovation and empowerment, in which employees know they are valued and they are motivated to strive for excellence
  3. Open leadership opportunities. Nurturing the talent of your teams enables you to foster a culture in which leadership opportunities abound.

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The capabilities of internal talent can be crucial for organizations seeking to maintain a global competitive advantage. When combined with developing a culture of diversity within the organization, a focus on nurturing the talent inherent in an organization creates an efficient leadership-development process that ensures continued strength as the company grows.

Begin the process of nurturing internal talent by identifying strengths, providing training opportunities, and encouraging mentoring.

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